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Hearing Aids: A Guide


Hearing aids are small electronic gadgets designed to improve hearing. They designed to fit in or on the ear to help those who are partially deaf to amplify sound thus making it louder. It can assist them in hear more in noisy situation and also quite situations.


A hearing aid consists of three basic parts; a microphone, amplifier and a speaker. The sound received by the hearing aid is converted by the microphone to electrical signals which are then send to the amplifier. The main use of the amplifier is to increase the power of the signals and finally send them to the ear by means of the speaker.


There are three different types of hearing aids which include; in the ear aids, behind the ear aids and canal aids. In the ear aids are usually fitted inside the outer ear completely and are used for those with severe hearing loses. Behind the ear hearing aids have a hard plastic case connected behind the ear. Canal aids usually fit into the ear canal. They work differently depending on the types of electronics used.


Hearing aids don't restore a person's hearing to normal, instead they just help in improving the hearing of the person because it will be easy to hear people and everything that is the surroundings. They improve the users psychological and social sense of well-being because it will improve the persons relationship with the family and other people in his or her surroundings. Hearing aid also helps one to be able to do better in his or her job, this is because communication will be improved in the workplace between the affected individuals and their colleagues due to proper hearing brought about by the hearing aids. A person will also be able to participate in social gatherings. Check out http://edition.cnn.com/2012/07/10/health/hearing-aid-insurance/ to understand more about hearing aids.


Proper maintenance and care is required when handling hearing aids in order to extend its life and avoid breakage. They are supposed to be kept away from heat and moisture because heat will destroy them and entrance of moisture inside the hearing aids may make some of the parts to rust making them costly during replacement. They are supposed to be cleaned as instructed because drainage can damage hearing aid.


When wearing hearing aids, avoid using hairspray or other haircare products because their entrance into a hearing aid may damage them making them to have problems when hearing and converting the sound into electric signals, click to know more!